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===Muppet Treasure Island===
===Muppet Treasure Island===
* [[Spa'am]]
* [[Spa'am]]
* [[Big Snort]]
===Muppet Classic Theater===
===Muppet Classic Theater===

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Making pigs

Building the pigs


Performing pigs on The Muppet Christmas Carol: Mike Quinn, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire and Jerry Nelson

Muppet Pigs

The Muppet Show

The following were some of the pigs that appeared on The Muppet Show:

In addition, there were several unnamed pigs who appeared in a variety of sketches and musical numbers, including as dancers in At the Dance sketches. The first season of The Muppet Show featured six such generic pigs. More were added in later seasons. A live pig also appeared in episode 215.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

Muppet Treasure Island

Muppet Classic Theater

Miss Piggy's nephews were introduced in Muppet Classic Theater, as her brothers:

Muppets Tonight

A new set of pigs were featured prominently on Muppets Tonight:

Miscellaneous Pigs

Sesame Street Pigs


A Sesame Street pig

Sesame Street has maintained its own set of pigs over the years. The series initially used a variation of the Hot Pink AM pattern (still retained for certain characters), and later introduced a group of four-legged, semi-realistic pigs, who could be used as farmyard oinkers or in speaking roles, as the need demanded.

International Sesame Street Pigs

Bear in the Big Blue House Pigs

Mopatop's Shop

The Ghost Of Faffner Hall

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