Pigs in Space Deep Dish Nine

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Pigs in Space: Deep Dish Nine: The Next Generation of Pigs in Space was the new incarnation of Pigs in Space seen on Muppets Tonight. Just as Pigs in Space was a parody of Star Trek, Deep Dish Nine is a parody of that show's many sequels, including Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

The crew of the new Swinetrek included Captain Pighead (pronounced "Pee-zhay"), Commander Piggy, Snorty, and Lieutenant Craniac.


Bill the Bubble Guy invades the Swinetrek with his bubble-blowing. The residue of the bubble creates a slick film on the bridge and the captain says he likes that kind of film and thus, the bridge instantly starts showing a movie. Miss Piggy complains about the cheapness of the joke as the sketch ends. Backstage, Leonard Nimoy makes a brief appearance to provide commentary regarding the parallels between the plot of the preceding sketch and an episode of Star Trek.
Miss Piggy shows the crew their new machine, the AL-1995 Plus Tax. It is supposed to answer any question asked, but when she asks it a simple mathematical question, it calculates for several moments, then asks for clarification of the request. Lieutenant Craniac then informs the crew that the ship is being attacked by Princess Vendela, whom Piggy claims is a horrible, ugly monster. But the princess is played by Swedish supermodel Vendela in a cameo appearance, and all the male members of the crew (except Al), surrender when she promises to make them her personal slaves. The AL-1995 plus tax finally answers the question, but Miss Piggy vents her anger on it, despite of getting a compliment about her shoes.
The crew, with the exception of the overweight Miss Piggy, float into the air by turning off the gravity.


A 1997 storybook featured the continuing adventures of the new crew: Pigs in Space: Journey to the Planet Za.

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