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Pigs in Space was an animated incarnation of Pigs in Space seen on Little Muppet Monsters. The recurring segment was featured in all three episodes of the short-lived series. The segments are presented as flipbook stories written by Boo Monster.

Like its Muppet Show predecessor, the segment featured the ongoing exploits of Captain Link Hogthrob (voiced by Bob Bergen), First Mate Piggy (Hal Rayle) and Dr. Julius Strangepork (Greg Berg) aboard the Swinetrek.

The animated Swinetrek crew also appeared in the final Muppet Babies episode "Eight Flags Over the Nursery" using footage from the Little Muppet Monsters episode "Space Cowboys."


Picture Episode Description
Episode 101: In the Beginning The Swinetrek is running out of power because Link has plugged all of his toys into the mains. They will need to get to the nearest planet to refuel.

Strangepork has invented 'The Transporker' to transport pork to anywhere in the universe. Link and Piggy get transported, but with their body parts all in the wrong order. Link and Piggy meet some aliens who think that they look tasty - they decide to help them find fuel, and then declare that they want to eat them! Strangepork teleports himself down to the planet to help them and saves the day.

Episode 102: Space Cowboys A group of space frogs turn the crew into frogs and take over the Swinetrek, sending the crew to the frogs' old spaceship, which is set to explode.
Episode 103: The Great Boodini Milo Sockdrawer, intergalactic sorcerer, wreaks havoc on the Swinetrek.


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