Written by Ellen Weiss
Illustrator Alastair Graham
Published 1983
Publisher Random House
Series Muppet Press Storybooks
ISBN 0394857305

Pigs in Space is a 1983 storybook based on the Muppet Show sketch, "Pigs in Space".

While hurtling through space one day, Dr. Strangepork announces that he has created a cure for the rash that Miss Piggy gets from outer space. Unfortunately, it is a foul smelling ointment that causes the houseplants to wilt, the computer to shut down, and the clocks to stop. At the urgings of Captain Link Hogthrob and First Mate Piggy, Strangepork agrees to bury the nasty ointment on the next planet they land on.

The Swinetrek crew decides to visit the planet Gazoob, which–according to Piggy's travel guide "Outer Space on $5 a Day"–is celebrating the beginning of spring with a special ceremony. The Gazoobians are very friendly, and are excited to have Earthlings visit–so excited, in fact, that they trap Link, Strangepork and Piggy and decide to make them the next leaders of Gazoob–for the next 40 years!

The Swinetrek crew attempts to escape, and the jar of nasty ointment is dropped in the confusion. The ointment begins to grow in the strange Gazoobian atmosphere, and smells worse than ever. But the Gazoobians love sniffing bad smells, and the ointment is the worst thing they've smelled in a long time. They decide to elect the ointment their new leader and set the Swinetrek crew free, as long as they promise to bring more ointment to Gazoob next year.

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