Songs from Sesamstraat
Released 1982
Format LP
Label WSP
Cat no. WSP 16008

Pino Zingt Cijfers (Pino Sings Numbers) features "jokes, songs and stories from 1 to 10" by Pino and Ieniemienie. The material on this album was not featured on the TV show.

Pino and Ienie learn to count by singing songs about each number. The songs are introduced with little sketches.

Track listing

Side One

  1. Er Is Maar Een Pino (There's Only One Pino)
  2. Twee Dikke Vriendjes (Two Dear Friends)
  3. Drie Is Te Veel (Three Is Too Much)
  4. Kwartetten (Playing Happy Families)
  5. Vijf Kleine Vingers (Five Little Fingers)

Side Two

  1. Het Allerleukste Cijfer (My Favorite Number)
  2. Zeven Dagen Heeft Een Week (Seven Days Has a Week)
  3. Acht Kleine Nootjes (Eight Little Notes)
  4. Drie Maal Drie Is Negen (Three Times Three Is Nine)
  5. Let Op, Ik Tel Tot Tien (Watch Out, I'm Counting to Ten)

Other releases

  • WSPC 16008 (WSP cassette)



Production credits


  • Although some of the voices sound quite unfamiliar for today's viewers, some of the tracks on this record still appear on compilation albums.
  • Tommie is pictured on the album cover, but he does not appear on the album.
  • "Er Is Maar Een Pino" seems to be based on "There's Just One Me" from the Sesame Street album Numbers!.
  • "Kwartet" is a card game for kids. A complete set of four cards of the same category makes a "kwartet"; the player with the most sets wins. This game is known as "Happy Families" in English.
  • "Drie Maal Drie Is Negen" is a well known singing game in Dutch: "Three times three is nine, everyone sing your own song!" The person who's 'it' has to sing a song.

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