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Silent cameo in "Puppy for a Day."

Planet G0N0 (gee zero en zero) is a planet discovered by Baby Bunsen in the Muppet Babies episode "Planet Gonzo".

When Bunsen uses his telescope to show the babies the surface of the planet, Baby Gonzo identifies a surface object as his alien brethren, later called Gonzonians in this iteration. Having felt different and "out of this world", Gonzo takes his friends on a trip in a rocketship to visit his home.

Upon arrival, Gonzo supersedes the planet's catalogued name in favor of "Planet Gonzo" and plants a flag bearing his visage. The babies are greeted by green creatures who otherwise look exactly like Gonzo. They also share a fondness for deep-friend, pickled, popcorn sandwiches, making friends with potatoes, and launching themselves from cannons.

Initially opting to extend his stay amongst those with whom he fits in, Gonzo ultimately decides to return to the Nursery on Earth with his friends.

The Planet and its inhabitants later appear in a cameo during a song montage in "Puppy for a Day," and provide the setting and supporting cast for "Interplanetary Kickle Ball."

In "Best Pals Pizza Delivery," the Gonzonians are just some of the many customers ordering pizza from Kermit and Fozzie's delivery service.

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