Domby and Kit


Domby and Kit showcase art

Play With Me Sesame is a half-hour program aimed at prechoolers that debuted on Playhouse Disney UK in 2004. As with the US Play with Me Sesame, it featured old and new Muppet (and sometimes film) clips from Sesame Street, with new linking segments featuring Grover, Prairie Dawn, Ernie and Bert.

The show also features two British Muppets, Kit and Domby, who live in a castle on top of a hill. They spend most of their time in the castle kitchen, bedroom and living room (very similar to Ernie and Bert Sketches). Kit has an English accent and Domby has a Scottish accent. They sometimes visit schools and playgroups to sing or talk with the children.

A typical show follows this format:

  1. UK Muppet clip
  2. classic Muppet clip
  3. UK Muppet clip
  4. Bert plays on the computer
  5. UK Muppet clip
  6. Bert shows computer-generated "oatmeal art" submitted by kids
  7. Bert and Ernie Clip (usually classic)
  8. Kit and Domby showcase art that has been sent in
  9. Finale: Grover invites the viewer to dance with him (occasionally includes a classic clip)