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Play With Me Sesame is a half-hour program on Noggin, aimed at prechoolers. It features a framing structure starring Grover, Prairie Dawn, Ernie and Bert while also showcasing old inserts from Sesame Street.

In the second season, Cookie Monster, Ernestine, Slimey, and Zoe were added to the cast.

The series has been green-lit for 26 new episodes[1], 78 episodes have already been created. In Britain, the series is modified to include Domby and Kit; see Play With Me Sesame (UK).


A typical show follows this format:

  • Ernie Says ... (similar to "Simon Says")
  • classic Muppet clip
  • Prairie Dawn showcases drawings made by kids
  • classic Muppet clip
  • Bert plays on the computer
  • classic Muppet clip
  • Bert shows computer-generated "oatmeal art" submitted by kids
  • classic Muppet clip
  • Finale: Grover invites the viewer to dance with him (occasionally includes a classic clip)


  • When Play with Me Sesame aired on the Hallmark Channel in Asia in October of 2003, the Prairie Dawn segments were cut out. [citation needed]
  • Broadcast in over 50 countries, the series is currently seen on such networks as Disney UK, Disney Asia, ABC Australia, YTV/Treehouse Canada, Cartoon Network India, Minimini (as part of Sesame Nook, known as Bawmy się Sezamku, or "Let's Play Sesame"), Minimax, Magma, and Rai Sat Italy. Small portions of the show are used and dubbed for episodes of international coproductions of Sesame Street, including Sesamstrasse and Sesamstraat.

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  1. "Sesame Workshop Expands Opportunities for Kids to Play with Their Sesame Street Friends", 21 August 2006.
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