Playtime with Ernie is a Play with Me Sesame DVD, featuring a collection of skits focusing on Ernie. The DVD was released only in region 4 and other territories.


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PWMS Ernie Says Rubber Duckie
Ernie Says Ernie and Rubber Duckie play "Duckie Says."
Muppets Baby Bear plans on eating his bowl of porridge and sees Goldilocks is not around. Ernie wanders by and assures Baby Bear we won't eat his porridge. Baby Bear calms down until he sees who Ernie has brought with him - Goldie-Duckie. (First: Episode 3867)
Muppets When Bert's Not Here (First: Episode 2208)
Ducksinarow Feathers
Computer Ernie plays Ducks in the Row: Feathered Ducks.
John Tartaglia performs Ernie for this sketch
Muppets Telly joins Ernie's pretend tea party, for which he invited the Friendly Giant, Cinderella and Super Adventure Boy. (First: Episode 3886)
PWMS Whenwesay PWM Bodies
Play with Me The cast say "play with me" while the viewers say "sesame" with their bodies.
John Tartaglia performs Ernie for this sketch
Muppets Ernie & Bert — Ernie plays doctor and makes Bert be the patient for his check-up. He checks Bert's heart, mouth and more. At the end, Bert wonders how he is feeling, but Ernie can't tell him that until he's a real doctor, twenty-three years from now. Bert faints after Ernie's answer and Ernie wonders if there's a doctor in the house. (First: Episode 0937)
Ernie Says Garden
Ernie Says Plant a silly surprise garden.
John Tartaglia performs Ernie for this sketch

Muppets Do De Rubber Duck (First: Episode 2304)
PWMS WhenwesayPWM Takingturns
Play With Me After saying "Play With Me" and having the viewer reply "Sesame", Ernie notes they took turns.
Muppets Ernie and Bert: Ernie conducts an experiment. He wants to see if Bert can sleep while Ernie sits at his drums and doesn't play them. Fortunately for him, Bert can't get to sleep that night, so Ernie drums away. (First: Episode 3487)
PWMS M&G Honkerduckiedinger
Move and Groove Today, Grover is going to dance to "The Honker-Duckie-Dinger Jamboree", making the same noises as the ones in the song.
Muppets Against Bert's will, Ernie plays a game with him in which he says a word which is the opposite of every word Bert emphasizes. When Bert finally agrees to PLAY, Ernie becomes stumped, since he can't figure out of the opposite of the word PLAY. (First: Episode 2675)
Muppets Ernie has Grover assist him in demonstrating opposites in song, but Grover suffers more than Ernie does.
(First: Episode 3780)
Ernie Says Book
Ernie Says Ernie holds a book.
Muppets Rubber Duckie (remake) (First: Episode 3842)
Whenwesay PWM Fasternogrid
Play with Me The cast ask the viewers to say "Sesame" when they say "Play with Me" slowly, then Bert suggest they do it faster.
Muppets Ernie and Bert: At night, Ernie gets too hot and opens the window. He and Bert start hearing noises from outside, which Ernie identifies. But, since neither of them can sleep with the noise, Ernie shuts the window...until he gets hot again. (First: Episode 3475)
Ducksinarow Muddy
Computer Ernie plays Ducks in a Row: Muddy Ducks.
John Tartaglia performs Ernie for this sketch
Muppets Elmo and Ernie sing Share (First: Episode 3825)
Muppets Ernie and Bert: In order not to disturb Bert while reading, Ernie wears headphones to listen to the radio. Now Bert can't hear anything... except Ernie singing along very loudly. (First: Episode 3193)
M G Singafterme
Move and Groove Grover moves and grooves as Ernie and Elmo sing Sing After Me.
John Tartaglia performs Ernie for this sketch


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