A typical Plonster outing

Plonsters is the collective phrase for a recurring stop-motion animated segment on Sesamstrasse, the German co-production of Sesame Street. Plonster skits have been featured on the series since its inception. The term is derived from combining "plasticine" and "monster."

The three minute segments focus on the simple adventures of the three main Plonsters: Plif, Plops and Plummy. They have the ability to morph into any animal, vehicle, or other object. The characters have also been merchandised, in the form of plastic figurines, and their skits have appeared on Sesamstrasse videos.

The Plonsters speak their own unintelligible babble, communicating their meaning through pantomime and shape-shifting. Thus the segments have aired internationally, on ABC in Australia, Canal + in France, NRK in Norway, and other markets. In 2005, the series was contracted to Earthworks Entertainment for US distribution, but has yet to air.[1]

The series is produced by Anima Studio Hamburg, with more recent segments co-produced with the Danish firm Egmont Imagination. Anima produced other clay animated segments for Sesamstrasse, featuring such characters as the Plastinots and Bronny the Bear.


Picture Episode Description
Folge721d 721 The Plonsters play with a costume box.
PlonstersSharing 840 The Plonsters learn to share their desert treat.
Plonsters-fishing 1296 The Plonsters are trying to catch a fish.
2206 The Plonster creates a balloon so he can fly
2209 The Plonsters try to decide if they should build one big house or three small houses
2214 The Plonster digs for gold and uses his wealth to buy beverages
2241 The Plonster collects shells at the beach
2256 The Plonster builds a hospital for his sick friend
2271 With help from his grandfather, a Plonster invents new soccer rules
2280 The Plonsters are fooled by a Fata Morgana in the desert


  • Creators: Bettina Matthaei, Alexander Zapletal
  • Director/Writer: Alexander Zapletal
  • 'Designer: Bettina Matthaei


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