Porkahantas and John Smith

Miss Piggy as Pocahontas, and Kermit as John Smith.

Pocahontas (1595-1617) was a Native American woman who has become a legendary figure due to her supposedly saving English explorer John Smith from death through her intervention. The story comes from Smith's own often embellished book, and later versions (particularly a 1995 animated feature from Disney) often depicted the story as a cross-cultural romance. It is historical fact that Pocahontas existed and did assist the Jamestown settlers, however. She actually wed another Englishman, John Rolfe.


  • During the 68th Academy Awards that were held on March 25, 1996, Miss Piggy intercepts a video conference uplink between host Whoopi Goldberg and nominee Babe in order to assert her porcine ranking in Hollywood by offering to save the show with one of her sensational production numbers she titles "Porkahontas," but instead the audience is saved by the recovery of the initial connection.


  • Bob Bergen played additional voices in the 1998 Disney sequel
  • Billy Connolly played Ben in the 1995 Disney film
  • Celine Dion appeared in the 1995 Disney TV special Pocahontas: The Musical Tradition Continues
  • Colin Farrell played John Smith in The New World
  • Mel Gibson played John Smith in the 1995 Disney film
  • Danny Mann played Percy in the 1995 Disney film
  • Mona Marshall played Pocahontas in the 1997 video Young Pocahontas
  • Alan Menken wrote the music to the songs in the 1995 Disney film
  • Jean Stapleton played Mrs. Jenkins in the 1998 Disney sequel
  • Frank Welker played Flit in the 1995 Disney film and its 1998 sequel 
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