Written by Ajé Boschhuizen (Het verhaal van Sesamstraat); Marianne Busser, Ron Schröder, Arthur van Norden, Ries Moonen, Rob Chrispijn, Annie M.G. Schmidt, Ben Kuipers, Mies Bouhuys (De Verhaaltjes Van Sesamstraat)
Illustrator Lucy de Graaf, Arie Teunissen, Jet Boeke, Charlotte Vonk, Gertie Jaquet, Han Janken, Ingrid Godon, Gerdien van der Linden, Georgien Overwater, Mieke van Tilburg
Published 2001
Publisher Schuyt & Co
Series none
ISBN 90-6097-581-2

Poehéé! Het verhaal van Sesamstraat (Poehéé! The Story of Sesamstraat) was published in honor of the 25th anniversary of Sesamstraat, the Dutch co-production of Sesame Street.

The book offers a look behind the scenes, a list of performers and voice actors, the history of Sesamstraat, and all sorts of trivia about the show, complete with photos. It also contains a list of celebrity guests from the 25th season.

When flipped around, the book becomes De verhaaltjes van Sesamstraat (The Stories of Sesamstraat). This reverse side of the book contains all the stories that the celebrities read at the end of the 25th season episodes.

"Poehéé!" is Tommie's trademark exclamation.

In the same year, a Sesamstraat diary was produced for Sesamstraat crew members. The diary had almost the same contents as the book. One major difference is that there are no photos of the (recent) puppeteers in the book, whereas the diary did have a few behind-the-scenes photos. The cover of the diary had a blue Pino feather motif, which was also featured in the book.

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