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POEMS in a serif font.

POEMS in a sans-serif font.

Big Bird asks Susan, David, Shola, John-John, and the kids to hold their breath while he reads his poem about breathing in Episode 0673.

Big Bird reads to himself from his "Poems by Big Bird" book while he sits on an egg for Mrs. Twitter in Episode 0937.

Over the years, Big Bird has written and recited a number of his own poems. The segments are often presented as street scenes in which Big Bird directly addresses the audience from his nest (and are frequently used to introduce an insert related to his poem). Appearing with United States Poet Laureate Rita Dove on Sesame Street in Episode 3318, Big Bird is named the poet laureate of Sesame Street.


  • In Episode 0633, Oscar the Grouch asks, "You know how that big, dumb, yellow, feathered, fruitcake keeps reading his dumb old animal poems?" He proceeds to inform the viewer that he can write a poem better than any bird, and quotes the poem Big Bird had previously recited about a crocodile. In response, he produces his book of poems, and recites one of his own about crocodiles. A similar retaliation had previously been done by Oscar in Episode 0089.