Poetry is the use of language in such a way that its aesthetic qualities enhance or even supersede its actual meaning, and is considered an art form. It frequently uses a rhyme scheme, but it can also be written in a free-form style, called blank verse. In addition to rhyme, meter, rhythm, and intonation also contribute to its effect on the listener or reader. There are a variety of standard poetic formats defined by these qualities, most of which can be generically called poems. Other common forms of poetry include odes, sonnets, couplets, and haiku.

Poetry is closely related to music because of its rhythmic nature. Many popular songs were originally poems which have been set to music, such as "America the Beautiful". Conversely, many song lyrics can be written down and enjoyed as poetry, such as in the book The Songs of Sesame Street in Poems and Pictures.

Sesame Street

Poetry is an integral part of Sesame Street, and the Muppet characters write and read their own poems. Many of the animation segments also feature poetry, as do occasional other inserts.




Oscar the Grouch writes a birthday poem for a friend


Although poems were occasionally performed on The Muppet Show, most of the characters did not write them. A notable exception is Rowlf the Dog.

Kermit's Garden of Verses




Fraggle Rock

Mokey Fraggle frequently writes poems. One reads:

Little radish by a tree,
Growing reddish silently.
Reddish radish, brook that gurgles,
Garden path where life unfurgles.

Another, entitled "Peace," goes as follows:

The boat's in the sky, the star's in the lake,
The cloud's in the soup, but I prefer cake.

She has also been known to write poems about white birds and death.

Bear in the Big Blue House

Dog City

Creature Shop Productions

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