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DEBUT 1984

The animated Poison Cackler in "Laundry Never Lies."

Poison Cacklers are dangerous creatures that inhabit Fraggle Rock. They have large teeth, long, protruding tongues, and tails similar to a scorpion's. Poison Cacklers are hatched from eggs, and generally mean harm to the Fraggles, although in the second season Fraggle Rock episode "The Wizard of Fraggle Rock," the creature is only after the Wizard's smoke pellets, which it finds to be delicious.

The puppet was recycled as Jo Beth Garfdoohoo in episode 101 of The Jim Henson Hour. It was seen being redressed in the Muppet Workshop segments of The Secrets of the Muppets.

The Poison Cackler can also be seen in the background of the "Tales from the Vet" sketch in episode 104 of Muppets Tonight.

An animated Poison Cackler appeared in the animated Fraggle Rock episode "Laundry Never Lies."

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