PERFORMER Reid Asato body
  David Barclay face
DEBUT 1997

Polyphemus the cyclops is a mythical one-eyed beast, and one of the sons of Poseidon, as featured in The Odyssey.

Polyphemus first appears returning to his cave with his flock of sheep, sealing the entrance with a boulder. There, he finds Odysseus and his men eating his food. Angered, he eats one of Odysseus' men. As he prepares to strike again, Odysseus offers him some wine he had brought with him. Polyphemus enjoys the drink and asks Odysseus his name. He gives the name "Nobody" and the drunk cyclops passes out. The men then sharpen a stick and drive it into the giant's eye, blinding him. Polyphemus screams for his brothers, claiming that "Nobody" has blinded him. Believing this to be a joke, the other Cyclopes do not respond. Polyphemus tries to catch Odysseus and his men but they sneak past him. He manages to snag their flute player and then makes his way to the shore as Odysseus and his men sail off. The Greek hero then boastfully reveals his real name to the Cyclops. Enraged, blinded, and defeated, Polyphemus calls out to his mighty father to avenge him.

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