Popping up
Written by Brian Houlihan
Illustrator Bob Berry
Published 2010
Publisher Publications International
Series Play-a-Sound
ISBN 1412745128

Popping Up on Sesame Street is a 2010 Sesame Street Play-a-Sound pop-up storybook. The book features five illustrated scenes that pop up as the pages are turned, with corresponding sounds and music. According to the product description, the scenes include:

  • A giant Grover peeks out from behind a Sesame Street building as instruments crescendo to mimic his growth.
  • Zoe leaps across the stage at the ballet as the audience applauds and music plays.
  • Ernie splashes paint everywhere as he paints Grover's portrait to the sound of splattering paint.
  • A Sesame Street backdrop pops up behind Grover as he becomes smaller and smaller accompanied by a musical flourish.