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Gobo reads one of Uncle Matt's postcards to a captive audience.

Postcards are messages sent by Uncle Traveling Matt back to his nephew, Gobo. Matt's messages describe the interesting things he's discovered in Outer Space -- often misunderstanding what he's seen, and interpreting it from his own Fraggle point of view.

When the postcards arrive at Doc's workshop, Doc invariably throws them in the trash -- where Gobo can retrieve them. Gobo enjoys reading Matt's postcards, although some of the other Fraggles find them tedious -- especially Red.

As the series progressed the number and frequency of Matt's postcards decreased. As Jerry Juhl recalled in interviews, it was often a challenge for the writing staff to incorporate the postcards into the script and fit them naturally into the plot, and to fit the theme of the episode. This led to episodes in which the postcard is read "out of the blue."

In the fourth season episode "Uncle Matt's Discovery," Matt finds a cavern full of arches which can transport him to Outer Space or beyond. Thus, Matt returns to the Rock for good, able to do his exploring from home. Subsequently, only a handful of Outer Space segments were used, with Matt usually recounting past adventures to the Fraggles orally, and the postcard device was generally abandoned.

International Traveling Matts


Many of the international co-productions of Fraggle Rock produced their own Traveling Matt segments to replace some of the original North American postcards. These international postcards would feature locations and customs of the local culture in which they were produced. Although not every postcard segment would be re-shot and replaced, the new postcard segments would make the show feel like a local production and would also allow sharing between producers to give the allusion of Matt traveling all around the world.

Many of the foreign postcard segments used in the international co-productions were reworked with new English dialog recorded by Dave Goelz in 1999. These 40-second channel bumpers ran on Odyssey Channel from 1999 to 2001. A collection of "20 International Traveling Matts" was included as a bonus feature on the Fraggle Rock: Complete Second Season DVD set, and 8 more of the spots were featured as hidden Easter eggs on the Complete Third Season set. Some more have been uploaded to The Jim Henson Company's YouTube channel.

Animated Postcards

The animated version of Fraggle Rock also included postcards from Traveling Matt. Freed from the limitations of actually filming a puppet in different locales, Matt roamed more freely, participating in a roundup at a ranch, wandering in the desert, or walking directly into a highway. These segments often featured the animated character inserted in front of live photographic backdrops, a technique previously utilized on Muppet Babies.


Season 1

Picture Episode Description
Episode 101: Beginnings Matt's first postcard simply tells Gobo that he is "fine", while he actually discovers Doc's shop, is confronted by a ferocious hairy beast and discovers humans and cars. He thinks a fire hydrant is "an unfriendly yellow fellow" and that five children with sports equipment are an army with weapons.
Episode 102: Wembley and the Gorgs Matt writes about kites and helium balloons thinking they are flying creatures being held captive on strings. He cuts them free, and thinks balloons value freedom more than kites.
Episode 103: Let the Water Run Matt think umbrellas are devices that can pull water from the sky.
Episode 104: You Can't Do That Without a Hat Matt finds that "treasures come and treasures go" at a donut shop.
Episode 105: The Thirty-Minute Work Week Matt uses the Silly Creature's rapid transport system, a rollercoaster.

Note: Dave Goelz makes a cameo as the man sitting next to Matt.
Episode 106: The Preachification of Convincing John Matt thinks a construction crew are large Doozers, but finds their constructions are not as easy to eat.
Episode 107: I Want to Be You Matt visits a farm, disguises himself as a pig.
Matt holes
Episode 108: The Terrible Tunnel Fishermen making nets are perceived by Matt as hole-sewing creatures.
Matt fountain
Episode 109: The Lost Treasure of the Fraggles Matt finds coins and finds out that they are for throwing into fountains.
Episode 110: Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk Matt thinks parking meters are Sidewalk Creatures.
Episode 111: Catch the Tail by the Tiger Gobo mentions the first card, in which Matt writes about encountering "shiny creatures" that talk by honking. They are actually cars. At the end of the episode, Gobo is about to leave, but finds another postcard that tells Gobo that Matt had the flu.
Episode 112: The Finger of Light Matt discovers marionettes. He thinks they are "String Creatures" that are under the control of their leader.
Matt cone
Episode 113: We Love You, Wembley Matt thinks Ice cream cones are Silly Creatures' moss packs - he sticks one on his head.
Episode 114: The Challenge Matt writes about smokers, which he thinks are "mouth-burners". When he finds that one of them "has an out of control mouth fire," Matt throws water on him. However, instead of being thanked profusely as expected, he is angrily chased away by the man, who seems intent on throttling the fraggle. Matt then concludes that mouth-burners are an "ungrateful lot".
Episode 115: I Don't Care Matt finds that a boomerang is a stick that you can't throw away.
Episode 116: Capture the Moon Matt goes to Rainbow Farms, where he finds rainbows are hatched
Episode 117: Marooned Matt discovers that bubble gum is a weird food that he thinks will make your tongue inflate and explode.

Note: This postcard also appeared on The Jim Henson Company's YouTube channel.
Episode 118: The Minstrels Matt thinks mannequins are creatures performing a new form of meditation until a store worker throws him out of the store.

NOTE: This was actually read by Doc when Ned Shimmelfinney got the postcard in his mail by mistake.
Matt skateboard
Episode 120: The Garden Plot Matt tries skateboarding.
Episode 121: Gobo's Discovery Matt finds a sheep shearers and gets a hair cut.
Matt ice
Episode 122: Mokey's Funeral Matt discovers a magic cold stone known as ice.
Matt mower
Episode 123: The Beast of Bluerock Matt describes lawnmowers as "yard pets".
Matt kangaroo
Episode 124: New Trash Heap in Town Matt thinks that kangaroos are some kind of transportation systems.

Season 2

Picture Episode Description
Matt plane
Episode 201: Wembley's Egg Matt describes airplanes as flying creatures.
Matt subway
Episode 202: Boober Rock Matt thinks subways are magical traveling caves.
Matt elevator
Episode 203: The Trash Heap Doesn't Live Here Anymore Matt encounters an elevator and belives it to be a rooms that transforms the Silly Creatures inside it.
Episode 204: Red's Sea Monster After encountering identical twins, Matt thinks he has met Silly Creatures that split in two.
Episode 205: Uncle Matt Comes Home Matt goes skiing, which is an activity in which he thinks getting a "white leg" (a cast) is the object.

Note: This adventure was shared orally by Matt and not via a postcard. In addition, to tell that he was coming home, Matt marked a postcard "SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT" at the beginning of this episode.
Episode 206: Boober's Dream Matt goes to a drive-in movie which he thinks is the shared dreams of the shiny creatures (a.k.a. cars).

Note: The film being shown at the drive-in is The Dark Crystal.
Matt arcade
Episode 208: All Work and All Play Matt visits a video arcade.
Episode 209: Sir Hubris and the Gorgs Matt thinks trick or treaters are ugly creatures that seek out candy.

Note: One trick or treater is dressed as Kermit the Frog and another is dressed as Miss Piggy.
Episode 210: A Friend in Need Traveling Matt finds himself locked in a broom closet and makes some new friends.
Matt hair
Episode 211: The Wizard of Fraggle Rock Matt goes to a beauty salon and thinks the hairdryers are hats that can change your appearance.

Note: This postcard also appeared on The Jim Henson Company's YouTube channel.
Episode 212: The Doozer Contest Matt visits the CN Tower in Canada. He thinks it is a giant Doozer construction and attempts to eat it and climb it.
Matt school
Episode 213: Red's Club Matt thinks school buildings are powerful caves that can control Silly Creatures by ringing.
Matt statue
Episode 214: The Secret of Convincing John Matt finds that statues are Silly Creatures that have chosen to be completely inflexible as a way of life
Episode 215: Manny's Land of Carpets Matt meets a department store Santa and learns that he is a magic wish-granting creature.
Episode 218: The Day the Music Died Matt meets a street musician.

Note: Phil Balsam makes a cameo as the street musician.
Matt 219
Episode 219: Doomsday Soup Matt tries to race fast food and finds that it isn't very fast at all.
Matt 220
Episode 220: A Cave of One's Own Matt explores the room of two girls, including their toy chest.
Matt race
Episode 221: Wembley and the Great Race Matt learns that Silly Creatures have to be scared into running a race by a starting pistol's shot.
Matt bus
Episode 222: Doozer Is As Doozer Does Matt believes that buses are large creatures that Silly Creatures let eat them.
Matt napkin
Episode 223: Boober's Quiet Day Matt thinks napkins are objects that Silly Creatures keep on their laps and kiss occasionally.
Matt trash
Episode 224: The Invasion of the Toe Ticklers Matt describes trash as treasured objects left behind.

Season 3

Picture Episode Description
Matt holiday
Episode 301: The Bells of Fraggle Rock Matt explains Christmas, a holiday were the Silly Creatures leave milk and cookies to cook by the fire and hang their laundry in their living rooms.
Matt watch
Episode 302: Red-Handed and the Invisible Thief Matt thinks clocks are direction finders.
Matt paper
Episode 303: Boober and the Glob Matt thinks newspapers are house food.
Matt 304
Episode 304: The Grapes of Generosity Traveling Matt visits a grocery store. He thinks the silly creatures are generous by letting everyone fill a shiny silver wagon with anything they want, and that ordinary green grapes are, in fact, Grapes of Generosity.
Episode 305: Blanket of Snow, Blanket of Woe Traveling Matt visits Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square, London.
Matt 306
Episode 306: Pebble Pox Blues Matt befriends a cow named Bessy.
Matt dump
Episode 307: Home Is Where the Trash Is Matt finds a garbage dump, a giant Trash Heap, however it has seagulls instead of wisdom.
Matt with guard
Episode 308: Believe It or Not Matt visits Buckingham Palace and comes to the conclusion that the hats worn by the guards are actually pets, and the owners are very careful not to wake them. According to Matt, this is why they never speak.
Matt zoo
Episode 309: Wembley and the Mean Genie Matt thinks zoos are places where Silly Creatures are kept behind bars.
Matt train
Episode 311: The Beanbarrow, the Burden and the Bright Bouquet Matt describes steam locomotives as beasts, then rides on one for miles.
Matt playground
Episode 312: Gobo's School for Explorers Matt explains how a playground is a school for explorers.
Episode 313: Scared Silly Matt describes an alarm clock as a baloobius-tester.
Episode 314: The Great Radish Caper Traveling Matt visits Neuschwanstein Castle and thinks it is a long lost Gorg outpost. Since where Gorgs live radishes must be nearby, Uncle Matt thinks that tourists are, in fact, looking for radishes, and he succeeds in finding the vegetable at a nearby produce stand.
Matt radish
Episode 315: Born to Wander Matt appears in a flashback, and in the Storyteller's thoughts, but there is no postcard.
Matt mirror
Episode 316: The Battle of Leaking Roof Matt thinks his reflection in a shopping mall mirror is a hideous creature who likes his hat.
Matt mummy
Episode 317: Playing Till It Hurts Matt thinks the mummies in a museum exhibit on Egypt are part of a hospital for Silly Creatures who have obviously been playing Rock Hockey.
Matt perfume
Episode 318: Bored Stiff Matt explores a shopping mall perfume counter and thinks that perfume is poison.
Matt doll
Episode 319: The Cavern of Lost Dreams Traveling Matt goes to an antiques shop and "meets" a doll.
Matt dolls
Episode 320: The Incredible Shrinking Mokey Matt thinks dolls are shrunken Silly Creatures.
Matt 321
Episode 321: A Dark and Stormy Night Matt thinks a large house is a Gorg castle and a telephone is "someone or something [that] started ringing a bell."
Matt rapids
Episode 322: Gunge the Great and Glorious Matt thinks that kayaks are giant water shoes.

NOTE: This postcard was actually read by Gunge when the Doozers somehow obtained it.

Season 4

Picture Episode Description
Mattless postcard
Episode 402: Wembley's Wonderful Whoopie Water Gobo gets a postcard in the middle of the night after finding that "whoopie water" keeps Fraggles awake. However this postcard is never read.
Matt noise
Episode 403: Sidebottom Blues Matt thinks that tea kettle, phone, and cuckoo clock are noisy creatures with strange voices, and tries to talk to them.
Matt face-eraser
Episode 404: Uncle Matt's Discovery As Matt returns to Fraggle Rock he encounters Doc spraypainting primer on a garden gnome and thinks he is face-erasing.

Note: This adventure was not shared via a postcard.
Matt tune
Episode 406: A Tune for Two Matt appears as Gobo's partner in the Duet-a-Thon, but shares no adventures.
Matt golf
Episode 407: The Perfect Blue Rollie Matt finds that golf balls are perfect white rollies but the Silly Creatures just hit them into ponds.

Note: This adventure was shared orally by Matt and not via a postcard.
Matt video
Episode 408: A Brush with Jealousy Matt explains how a television with a videocamera appears to be a window with a Fraggle looking out.

Note: This adventure was shared orally by Matt and not via a postcard.
Episode 409: Wembley's Flight In Australia, Matt thinks surfing is a form of walking on water.

Note: This adventure was shared orally by Matt and not via a postcard. This postcard also appeared as a Second Season DVD bonus.
Matt library
Episode 410: Red's Blue Dragon Matt ends up in a library at one point while searching for Red in Outer Space.

Note: This adventure appeared in real time.
Matt frog
Episode 412: Space Frog Follies Matt does not share any adventures, though he gives Wembley a space frog to hide from Gobo.

Season 5

Picture Episode Description
Matt riddle
Episode 502: The Riddle of Rhyming Rock Matt is seen in a flashback, but there is no postcard in this episode
Matt nap
Episode 504: The Trial of Cotterpin Doozer Matt adventures outside Doc's house where he observes Doc and Sprocket taking a nap.

Note: This adventure occurs in real time, and is not presented as a postcard.
Return to sender
Episode 505: The River of Life No postcard is read, nor does Matt share any adventures. However, Matt appears, and Boober returns the postcards, thinking Doc is mad at the Fraggles. During the song "We're Part of Each Other" Sprocket pushes the postcards back into the Fraggle hole.
Matt dragrace
Episode 510: Inspector Red Matt recounts trying to get a ride from a drag race car and losing his toupee.

Note: This adventure was shared orally by Matt and not via a postcard.

International Postcards

Picture Episode Description


Episode 116: Capture the Moon Matt thinks tea drinking is the Silly Creatures' way of bathing their upper-lips.

Note: This postcard also appeared as a Second Season DVD bonus.
Episode 117: Marooned Matt encounters the "lair of the long red giants" (double decker buses).
Episode 118: The Minstrels Matt thinks bagpipes are a creature being tortured.

Note: This postcard also appeared as a Second Season DVD bonus.
Matt radishes
Episode 122: Mokey's Funeral Matt "gathers" radishes from a produce stand, and is pursued by "Gorgs" (angry Silly Creatures, actually).

Note: This postcard also appeared on The Jim Henson Company's YouTube channel.
Episode 202: Boober Rock Matt thinks that parking tickets are love notes to the shiny creatures (a.k.a. cars).

Note: This postcard also appeared as a Second Season DVD bonus.
Episode 206: Boober's Dream Matt goes to sleep in a ghost-train carriage and has a nightmare.
Matt sale
Episode 210: A Friend in Need Matt visits a great race (actually a Selfridges department store sale).

Note: This postcard also appeared as a Third Season DVD bonus.
Episode 213: Red's Club Matt discovers a way to control a species of big yellow creatures: just yell "Taxi!" and they'll stop.
Episode 218: The Day the Music Died Matt visits an English football stadium, the most dignified place he has yet visited, where Silly Creatures blow horns, clap their hands, and sing just like Fraggles.
Episode 223: Boober's Quiet Day Matt visits a library, where Silly Creatures sit in silence. He attempts to liven things up but is thrown out.


Episode 101: Beginnings Matt's first venture into France is similar to the North American version, but involves a French hydrant and two tennis players clad in shorts instead of children.
Episode 104: You Can't Do That Without a Hat Matt strolls in what appears to be the vicinity of Notre Dame, with bells ringing behind them. Encountering a street artist, Matt is presented with his portrait, but is less impressed since he can find a better likeness of himself in a reflective store window.
Episode 109: The Lost Treasure of the Fraggles

Matt visits a carnival-style ball toss establishment; successfully knocking over the cans, he wins a small metal statuette. Braced by his good fortune, he heads to an outdoor cafe, where a set of cans are displayed on the counter. Presented with a bit of food, Matt naturally assumes it's another missile, and again hits the mark. The proprietor, incensed, gestures for Matt to leave, but the latter assumes he's won an even larger park sculpture.

Episode 111: Catch the Tail by the Tiger

Uncle Matt's postcard, like its North American counterpart, deals with automobiles. Instead of documenting their language, however, Matt rides atop one, noticing the French signs and motorists' reactions to lights and each other.

Episode 112: The Finger of Light

Uncle Matt's postcard comes from the Eiffel Tower. Strolling around, he notices many mothers and nurses, wheeling infants in carriages. Suddenly, Matt is abducted by a young girl and dropped into her own carriage, clad in a bonnet, and briefly forced to endure a pacifier.

Episode 113: We Love You, Wembley In a postcard similar to the North American version, Uncle Matt discovers ice cream. Instead of using it as his personal moss pack, however, he generously plants a scoop on the head of the nearest man. The postcard ends with Matt fleeing from an angry crowd.
Episode 114: The Challenge Matt travels to a tourist spot, a mountain where a stone lion sits. Matt assumes the lion is alive, and climbs up and waves, hoping to make friends. Tourists spot him through their pay telescopes.
Episode 115: I Don't Care

In Germany, Matt observes a group of men patiently fishing for shoes.

Note: This postcard also appeared as a Second Season DVD bonus.

Episode 116: Capture the Moon At a boardwalk shooting gallery, Matt sees a youth firing a gun at the target, a small ball floating on a crest of water. He assumes this is a Doozer moon.


Episode 102: Wembley and the Gorgs Matt walks past a row of television sets, and believes they are little cells. He is unable to persuade the people within them to seek freedom outside.

Note: This postcard also appeared as a Third Season DVD bonus


Australia Traveling Matt visits a great Australian Barbecue. Second Season DVD bonus.
Germany Matt visits a German bar and meets the "rope testers". Second Season DVD bonus.
United Kingdom Matt visits an auction house. Second Season DVD bonus.
Zambia Traveling Matt visits an African market. He sees the locals caring fruit on their heads and thinks these are some kind of hats. However when he tries putting a bunch of bananas on his head, he finds he can't support the weight. Second Season DVD bonus and The Jim Henson Company's YouTube channel.
Germany Matt tries to explain the sport of curling. Second Season DVD bonus and The Jim Henson Company's YouTube channel.
Australia Matt thinks ketchup is some kind of food paint. Second Season DVD bonus.
Switzerland Traveling Matt encounters some mountain climbers. But rather than climb the mountain he finds an easier way to the top. Second Season DVD bonus.
New Zealand Traveling Matt meets a group of Maori dancers. Second Season DVD bonus.
Australia Matt tries jumping on a trampoline. He is excited to becomes the first Fraggle to fly, but soon he gets stuck in a tree. Second Season DVD bonus.
United Kingdom Matt goes to a British Christmas celebration and learns about the love power mistletoe holds. Second Season DVD bonus.
United Kingdom Matt learns about the sport cricket. Second Season DVD bonus.
Australia Matt gets involved with a rugby scrum. Second Season DVD bonus.
Germany Matt thinks customs is some kind of game where Silly Creatures hide objects in their luggage for others to find. Second Season DVD bonus.
United Kingdom Matt accidentally mistakes someone's hair for cotton candy, a Silly Creature delicacy, and is sent flying. Second Season DVD bonus.
Germany Matt meets some yodelers and learns the trade of these minstrels. Second Season DVD bonus.
Matt sculler
United Kingdom Matt watches scullers and notices how they all obey the Silly Creature at the end of the boat. Third Season DVD bonus.
Matt photo
United Kingdom Matt visits a photo booth and gets his picture taken with some Silly Creatures. Third Season DVD bonus.
Matt signs
Australia Matt sees Silly Creatures waving away flies and thinks it is a kind of sign language. Third Season DVD bonus.
Matt armor
United Kingdom Matt "meets" a medieval suit of armor. Third Season DVD bonus.
Matt maori
New Zealand Matt gets his face painted by Maoris. Third Season DVD bonus and The Jim Henson Company's YouTube channel.
Matt hat
Australia Matt observes Silly Creatures feeding parrots who land on their heads. He believes them to be noisy, colorful hats. Third Season DVD bonus.
United Kingdom Matt encounters some punks dancing on the sidewalk like Fraggles. They dress him up like them. The Jim Henson Company's YouTube channel.
Matt garden party
United Kingdom Matt attends a garden party, where Silly Creatures dress even sillier than usual. He attempts to blend in by adding flowers to his outfit, but a woman then adds him to her hat. The Jim Henson Company's YouTube channel.
Matt cow
Unknown Matt encounters a herd of cows, which he takes to be a band of traveling musicians. But why do they play their bells and not their horns? The Jim Henson Company's YouTube channel.
Matt airplane
Australia Matt encounters an airplane, and boards it for Australia. The Jim Henson Company's YouTube channel.

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