Preston Changeo is a shape-shifting character who appeared in the comic strip version of Sesame Street. He was described as a "zany new character" who "can be the most cooperative creature you've ever met, or the most contrary." Though usually circular, Preston could alter his size and shape at will to demonstrate various geometric forms or comparative sizes, each change accompanied by a "Boink!"

The arrival of a new character was heavily promoted in the papers which carried the strip, and he made his debut on May 1, 1972. Initially, however, in order to increase reader interest in the strip and active participation, the character was nameless. His name would be decided as the result of a contest. Referred to only as "What's-his-name" in the initial press materials and in an end panel, he spent the first two weeks forlornly seeking out a name for himself and meeting the strip's other denizens.

Prizes of Sesame Street merchandise were awarded for the 100 most creative names, with the lots including 20 toys, 30 puppets, and 50 books, and ten posters being awarded as an additional prize to regional winners. Cartoonist Cliff Roberts and the King Features Syndicate editors served as judges, and the winning name of Preston Changeo was announced in July (with eleven readers individually submitting the same name). Runner-up names included Lon Changey, Shapespeare, Archie Boinker, and Clyde O. Scope.

Now newly christened, Preston appeared periodically in the strip, but with the contest over, he had faded out by the fall of 1972.


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