Humpty Dumpty out of the egg

Prince Humpty Dumpty is the titular character in the Mother Goose Stories episode "Humpty Dumpty", and a personal friend of Mother Goose's goslings.

The son of the Speckled Hen, Humpty Dumpty was an extraordinarily large egg. It was the prince of all eggs, and so she decided to name it Prince Humpty Dumpty. The other eggs in the nest came to resent Humpty Dumpty and pushed him out of the nest.

Humpty Dumpty deluded with the notion that he was a great prince who thought that the barnyard was no place for royalty. Along with the company of Coutchie-Coulou, his newly enlisted footman, Humpty Dumpty set out to take his proper place at the castle.

Humpty Dumpty soon learned that the king, had passed a law stating that whoever could create a riddle that he could not answer would earn his daughter's hand in marriage. Humpty decided that the only thing more prince-like than living in a castle was marrying a princess, and so he decided to think up a riddle to ask the king. But as Humpty Dumpty was about to ask the king his riddle, he fell off the wall and cracked. He later emerged from the broken shell as a chicken.

No longer an egg, Humpty Dumpty became king of the royal farmyard, living at the castle alongside his friend Coutchie-Coulou.