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'''Professor Television''' is a recurring ''[[Sesame Street]]'' segment, featuring [[Bill Irwin]] as the title character. The skits usually involved the professor demonstrating words, which always end in disaster.
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| [[Image:BillIrwin-open.jpg‎|200px|center]]
| Open and Closed
| align=center | [[Episode 3656]]
| Professor Television tries to demonstrate open and closed, but his efforts backfire when the door does the opposite of what the sign says. So, he just puts up a sign saying "Nevermind". {{Sketchrelease|Video: ''[[Bert & Ernie's Word Play]]'' (2002, introduction cut, announcer's dialogue muted)}} {{Sketchrelease|Online: [[Sesamestreet.org]] {{SSvideo|9ffef875-699d-4f93-852d-377bdbb6018e}}}}
| [[Image:ProfTV.Nearfar.jpg‎|200px|center]]
| Near and Far
| align=center | [[Episode 3683]]
| Professor Television tries to demonstrate near and far, with help from [[Maria]]'s voice.
| [[Image:ProfTV.DANGER.jpg‎|200px|center]]
| Danger
| align=center | [[Episode 3713]]
| Professor Television tries to demonstrate "Danger" by putting a "Danger" sign above a deep drop. The sign falls, however, so he gets a large flashing "Danger" sign, which traps him. {{Sketchrelease|Online: [[Sesamestreet.org]] {{SSvideo|2943e0bc-1564-11dd-a62f-919b98326687}}}}
[[Category:Sesame Street Live-Action Sketches]]
[[Category:Sesame Street Live-Action Sketches]]

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