Written by Jeff Moss
Date 1972
Publisher Festival Attractions, Inc.
First Episode 0408

"Proud" is a Sesame Street song by Little Jerry and the Monotones about self-pride in accomplishments and abilities. Little Jerry names things he's proud of, while the Monotones sing anecdotes of those of other people's achievements. The performance ends with the group posing for a closing shot as the audience cheers on them.


  • This is one of the very few times where each member gets their own solo line.
  • Jerry Nelson performs the Pumpkin Monotone in this song.
  • In one of the few instances were Little Jerry's dashiki is put on backwards, his usual front part has a tear in it in the end.
  • The song is referenced twice in later episodes involving storylines with the band. First in Episode 2452 as a brief verse from Little Jerry, and Elmo performs a short version of the song with Big Jeffy and Little Chrissy in Episode 2867.



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