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Queen Elizabeth II, with Dave Goelz, Richard Hunt, Jerry Nelson, and Sweetums

Queen Elizabeth II, far left, is amused

The Queen's (dubbed) appearance on Muppet Babies.

Queen Elizabeth II (b. 1926), full name Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, is the Queen of the United Kingdom as a whole and fourteen other states/territories) and has reigned since 1952. While the President of the United States lives in the White House, her Majesty lives primarily in Buckingham Palace.

Her Majesty takes an active interest in affairs of state, but more often avoids politics and takes a primarily ceremonial role. One example is her attendance at the Royal Variety Performance. At the conclusion of the 1977 performance, she personally congratulated Jim Henson and his puppeteers.

Decades later, Kermit the Frog was one of the many celebrities paying their respects during the Golden Jubilee celebrating her fiftieth year on the throne.

Her son, Charles, Prince of Wales, is the heir apparent to his mother's throne; his The Prince's Rainforests Project PSA included an appearance by Kermit. Her daughter is Princess Anne.

When talking of Princess Diana's relationship to Queen Elizabeth II, the Daily Mail columnist Lynda Lee-Potter wrote,

Diana is possibly the only member of the royal family who doesn't kowtow the instant she is fixed with one of the Queen's terrifying Miss Piggy looks.[1]


  • The Muppet Babies episode "Remote Control Cornballs" features footage of the Queen and Prince Phllip, who can be seen while the Babies flip channels.
  • As part of a United Kingdom promotion for The Muppets premiere, Kermit answered questions for an Ask Kermit section on Twitter. When asked what his career highlight has so far been, he answered, "We’ve worked with all kinds of big stars but one of my all time favourites was when I met the Queen"[2] An altered photo of Kermit meeting the Queen sits on Kermit's desk in the film.
  • In an animated segment produced for Canadian Sesame Street, first aired in 1992, the Queen on the Canadian 25 cent piece (the "quarter") picks a caribou to be on her opposite side.


  • By coincidence, the Queen Elizabeth II was the name of an ocean liner used on multiple occasions by Jim Henson and other Muppeteers when crossing to and from England.[3]


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