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PERFORMER Alice Tweedie
DEBUT 1975
DESIGN Mari Kaestle builder

Queen Peuta is King Ploobis' wife in "The Land of Gortch" sketches from the first and second seasons of Saturday Night Live.

Although too old to molt, Peuta has trouble releasing her darts in the premiere sketch. Massaging her moogies may or may not help the situation. Other complications in the queen's life include the fact that her son Wisss smokes crater, Ploobis' affair with Vazh, and Peuta's own wretched singing voice.

In later episodes, she carries on an affair of her own with Scred, her "sugar claws." Sometimes they use a marital aid (or rather, "extra-marital" aid). Peuta has three feet, on which she wears gligskin shoes.

Queen Peuta (along with Ploobis, Scred, Vazh, and Wisss) can also be spotted in The Muppet Movie in the "Rainbow Connection" finale.