PERFORMER Bill Barretta

Quincy the Flying Squirrel is a character on The Animal Show.

He appeared in the episode "Colobus Monkey & Flying Squirrel" where he tells Stinky the Skunk and Jake the Polar Bear about flying squirrels. During that time, he accidentally got stuck to Stinky who was planning to use glue so that Quincy wouldn't glide around. Quincy and Stinky then ended up singing "Two's a Crowd" with some of the other background animals. After the story segment, Quincy and Stinky get the idea to use Yves St. La Roache's exploding marmalade to get free which works. Quincy was even interviewed by Rhonda Rat about "Which animal doesn't live in trees." He takes a guess and says "ground squirrel" which is correct.

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