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Radishes are the center of the Fraggle Rock ecosystem.

  • Fraggles depend on radishes as their main food source. They must sneak into the Gorgs' Garden to obtain radishes (this is Mokey's job), frequently leading to conflicts with the Gorgs, who view the Fraggles as garden pests.
  • Doozers have a constant drive to build, and their building material, Doozer sticks, is derived from ground radishes mined from beneath the Gorgs' Garden. They did this so the Fraggles would eat Doozer constructions.

The dependence of all three species on radishes was explained to the viewer in the first season episode "The Great Radish Famine", in which Marjory the Trash Heap tried to bring the Fraggles, Doozers, and Gorgs together by making all the radishes disappear. The characters themselves did not figure out the connection until the end of the final season, in "The Gorg Who Would Be King".

Before the discovery of radishes, mushrooms were the Fraggles' main food ("Born to Wander"), and consequently, the Doozers' source for building materials ("The Cavern of Lost Dreams").

Doozers also attempted to use radishes for entertainment with radish-rolling races in the storybook Cotterpin's Perfect Building.

Outside of Fraggle Rock, Splurge, the giant monster who appears in Hey Cinderella! also has a penchant for radishes.

A Sesame Street sketch involving Beginning, Middle and End makes reference to a "Magic Radish" while Middle is telling his part of the fairy tale-like story, and episode 2957 features Telly Monster expecting a visit from Radish Dude.

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