PERFORMER Bill Barretta
DEBUT 1994
Randall the Zebra

Randall the Zebra was seen for the first time in The Animal Show episode "Zebra & Lion," where he told Stinky and Jake about zebras and how zebras use camouflage to confuse the whiskers off of animals that are trying to catch him.

The zebra puppet popped up again in Episode 304: Indian Elephant & Human and Episode 326: Gorilla & Lion where he was interviewed by Rhonda Rat in both of these episodes.

The puppet was subsequently used in a variety of Muppet productions. On Muppets Tonight, he appeared in the opening titles, in the song "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (episode 103), where he was performed by Bill Barretta, and as the Ice Station Zebra (episode 203), where he was performed by Jerry Nelson.

Randall also surfaced in the Bear in the Big Blue House episode "Raiders of the Lost Cheese" and on Sesame Street, backing Jill Scott on "We Are All Earthlings", where his realistic eyes were replaced with Anything Muppet-like eyes. (First: Episode 3981)

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