Released October 6, 2000
Duration 89 minutes
Director Steve Barron
Written by Wesley Burrowes (story)
Music Pete Briquette and Bob Geldof
Studio Jim Henson Pictures, Ruby Films and Samson Films
Rated PG

Rat is a 2000 film, a dark comedy about a Dublin man, Hubert Flynn, who goes home from a night at the pub, and promptly turns into a small white rat. The transformation is viewed by his family not as a shocking or abnormal occurrence, but as an annoyance, a misfortune akin to a crippling illness, or an event which can be profited from. A journalist in particular stokes the family's interest.

Produced by Jim Henson Pictures, with Brian Henson as executive producer. Rat primarily used trained live rodents, for the title character and a few supporting rats. However, Jim Henson's Creature Shop augmented the footage with several duplicate rats of Hubert: a fully animatronic, remote controlled rat for close-ups and movements; a less detailed stunt rat, operated by a device; and various simpler puppets and devices for stunt scenes and specific long-shots.



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