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Rat scat
Written by Jeff Moss
Date 1984
Publisher Jim Henson Productions Inc.

"Something's Cookin'" is an original musical piece written for The Muppets Take Manhattan. Rizzo scats along during the number.

The rats, Chester, Masterson, Tatooey and Yolanda, are seen making breakfast at Pete's Luncheonette during the scat.


  • Jim Henson staged this scene for the film.
  • The egg beater Chester rides was controlled from underneath through a hole in the bottom of the bowl.
  • Real butter was used for Masterson's skating sequence. Originally thought to be too obvious a solution, it worked better than anything else they tried.
  • Originally, Faz Fazakas and his team made the pancake batter from a paint formula. It was so caustic, it etched pits into stainless steel bowls. Real pancake batter is used in the film.[1]
  • In Hub airings of The Muppets Take Manhattan, the song is often edited out.