Written by Richard Chevat
Illustrator Joe Ewers
Published 1993
Publisher Western Publishing
Series A Golden Little Super Shape Book
ISBN 0307105547

Ready, Set, Recycle! is a book about recycling and the awareness of what happens to garbage when it's thrown out. Miss Piggy is doing some Spring cleaning, and relieving her house of various piles of clothes and magazines that she doesn't need anymore. Kermit is perplexed that Piggy would want to get rid of, for example, a dress in the pile that he's identified as one she wore just a week before. Piggy doesn't think anything of what will happen to all of her things after the sanitation workers take them away. Kermit decides it's time they took a trip.

Figuring on a trip to Paris, Piggy is instead taken on a ride in Kermit's car where they get stuck in traffic behind a garbage truck. Looking through Kermit's perspectove, Piggy sees for the first time just how much stuff people really throw out. They follow the truck all the way to the dump, where Piggy is appalled at the mountains of garbage that have nowhere to go. Realizing that she and Kermit and everyone else has contributed in some way to the accumulated mess dumped before them, Piggy wants to know what she can do about it.

Kermit explains to her about recycling. While Piggy originally figures it sounds like a lot of work, a few days later, she has changed her tune. Kermit walks past her home to find that she's opened a yard sale in her driveway to sell her old things so that someone else might get use out of them. Janice, Gonzo and Fozzie have found items that they can use and Piggy has even set aside a separate pile for things she can't sell. She'll instead bring her boxes of magazines to a recycling center where they will be used to make new paper.

The book ends with some suggestions from Kermit on how the reader can be green, too. Examples include giving away old toys to younger siblings, trading them with friends, donating them to charity and taking good care of the things you have now so that they don't need to be replaced as often.

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