Sesame Street - Real Grouches

Sesame Street - Real Grouches

Real People was a reality television series which aired on NBC from 1979 to 1984. Produced by George Schlatter, the show was hosted by a number of individuals, including Fred Willard.

The show was spoofed on Sesame Street with "Real Grouches", hosted by Oscar the Grouch. Oscar says it's the show that "searches the world for interesting real-life Grouches and brings them right into your living room."

Oscar's guests were Romeo Scuggs from Gila Monster, New Mexico, Luba Merquick from Slime Bottom, Arkansas, and "Bob the Blob". While the previous guests played terrible music, the Blob plays "yucky sweet flute music", and it is revealed that it is Bob disguised as a Grouch.


  • Richard Simmons made his first major national television debut on the show.

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