Songs from Rechov Sumsum
Released 1984
Format LP
Label CBS
Cat no. 25677
SSP1 2

Back side of the cover

Rechov Sumsum Program 1 (selected songs and stories from the series) is an album that was released in Israel in 1984. It features Israeli songs and stories from the local Sesame Street show, all in Hebrew. Featuring Kippi Ben Kippod.

Track listing

Side One

  1. Rechov Sumsum Theme - vocals by Mazi Cohen, Dafna Armoni, Yoni Rechter, Gidi Gov
    Lyrics by Eli Mohar, music written and arranged by Yoni Rechter
  2. Natan comes to Rechov Sumsum and meets Yona, Avner, Hanna and...
  3. Shalom - soundtrack to a Rony Oren cartoon
  4. Natan goes further and meets Shosh and.. almost meets Kippi- Yona, Shosh, Natan and Kippi
  5. Two Step Dance
  6. Onion!!! - Bert and Ernie sketch
  7. Tall, middle, short
    Music by Jeff Moss, lyrics by Emily Kaplin
  8. In the playground (recitation)
  9. I can - vocal by Mazi Cohen
    Lyrics by Ilana Luft, music by Rafi Kadishzon
  10. In Mosh's store - Simon Soundman, Sam (Mosh)
  11. Ten Turtles
    Music and lyrics by Bud Luckey
  12. I'm Special!!! - Bert and Ernie
  13. Yona Goes to Jerusalem - Yona and Kippi
  14. Sometimes I'm Sad and Sometimes I'm Happy - Kippi and children
    Lyrics by Ilana Luft, music written and arranged by Yosi Keribushi

Side Two

  1. Kippi in the Circle (instrumental)
    Music written and arranged by Rafi Kadishzon
  2. The Instruments Song - Kippi, Yona, Hanna, Miki and Natan
    Script, music and lyrics by Nathan Dattner
  3. Everyone Likes Ice Cream
    Music and lyrics by Jeff Moss
  4. Swiss cheese - Bert and Ernie sketch
  5. In the Sands (instrumental)
    Based on folk tune, adapted by Rafi Kadishzon
  6. Shmil the cat on Rechov Sumsum - Kippi, Miki, Yona and Shmil the cat (Nathan Dattner)
  7. Take a Breath- vocal by Mutzi Aviv
    Music and lyrics by Joe Raposo
  8. A Tale of a Carpenter and a Chair (recitation) - Hanan Goldblat and Yehonatan Miller
  9. The Alligator King
    Music by Bud Luckey and lyrics by Donald Hadley
  10. Beach Night Candle - vocal by Yael German
    Lyrics by Itzik Veingarten, music by Yael German
  11. Growing a Flower Together
  12. Adding - Cookie Monster and Hannan Goldblatt
  13. Rechov Sumsum (end song)

Additional credits

  • Script: Ilana Luft (tracks 2, 4, 13, side one; track six, side two)
  • Musical arrangements (most tracks): Rafi Kadishzon
  • Translation, consultation and adaptation for dubbing: Shafrira Zakay
  • Adaptation of lyrics: Iris Yotvat (tracks 5, 7, side one; tracks 9, 11, side two)


  • Two copies of the album are seen among other music paraphernalia pasted to the walls during the "Rechov Video" segments of Shalom Sesame.
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