Songs from Rechov Sumsum
Released 1984
Format LP
Label CBS
Cat no. 26189

Back side of the cover

Rechov Sumsum Program 2 (selected songs and stories from the series) is an album that was released in Israel in 1984. It features Israeli songs and stories from the local Sesame Street show, all in Hebrew. Featuring Kippi Ben Kippod. The record came with a large glossy poster with Kippi on it, which on the other side has credits and photos of the Rechov Sumsum cast and the Muppets' voice cast.

Track listing

Side One

  1. Rechov Sumsum Theme
  2. Kippi Ben Kippod
  3. Hot Corn (song)
  4. When You Eat (song)
  5. Crumbs in Bed!!! (Ernie and Bert)
  6. That's How We Travel (song)
  7. Kippi Lost 10 Shekels
  8. One Man Band (song)
  9. 1, 2 ,3! (song)
  10. Homes
  11. 2 Homes + 2 Homes
  12. It's So Fun in Two's

Side Two

  1. 12 Moons (song)
  2. Close Your Eyes and Imagine (Kermit the Frog)
  3. Orchard
  4. Citris (song)
  5. What Happened?!
  6. Autumn
  7. Winter
  8. Spring
  9. I Remembered! I Remembered!
  10. Doughnut (song)
  11. Hanuka
  12. Hello in Many Languages
  13. Rechov Sumsum (end song)