Refrigerator Day is the Dinosaurs analogue to Christmas and the titular celebration in episode 212. Refrigerator Day, or Fridge Day for short, celebrates the development of the greatest boon to modern dinosaur, the refrigerator. Thanks to the development of this magical cold box, dinosaurs could store food and no longer had to continually roam, and thus were able to settle down and start families. Fridge Day is traditionally marked with gift-giving, a pageant recalling the first Refrigerator Day, festive decorations, a Fridge Day bonus, and jolly Refrigerator Day carols used to promote commercial goods. One drawback about the holiday is that dinosaurs often have to fast for two days before Fridge Day. Dinosaurs who fast for this occasion include the Sinclairs and Roy Hess (though Roy only does so between meals).

The Sinclairs also gave a store, Kave Mart, the idea of having a return policy when they attempted to return their presents to buy their refrigerator back.

The Sinclairs Fridge Day pageant was narrated by Grandma Ethyl from a book entitled "And Now It Can Be Told... The True Story of Refrigerator Day."