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PERFORMER Kermit the Frog
DEBUT 1972
Jim and Reporter Kermit

Jim Henson and Kermit

Kermit the Frog, in his long career, has often functioned as a reporter. The earliest, most frequent, and most famous stint was on Sesame Street, as TV news correspondent for the Sesame Street News Flash segments. Kermit has appeared in reporter attire, including suit, trench coat and fedora, in several productions and merchandise over the years.

The casting history has been consistent with Kermit the Frog. Jim Henson originated the role in 1972 and continued it until his death in 1990. Steve Whitmire took over afterwards, picking up the trench-coated puppet for the first time in 1992.

Kermit's news broadcasts would usually open with the camera cutting to him while engaged in off-screen conversation or facing the wrong way, unaware that he was on the air. Kermit would begin his reports with his classic "Hi-ho, Kermit the Frog here."

Sesame Street[]

With microphone in hand, Kermit's reporting duties were first established on Sesame Street in the Sesame Street News Flash bulletins. Each skit featured a breaking news report from him on the street as he interviewed various characters: including Don Music, Dr. Nobel Price, assorted storybook characters, and historical figures.

Early on, Kermit appeared as a reporter in a handful of impromptu Muppet & Kid Moments on a real city street. In one of these segments, he interviewed Julia about the sounds animals make, however Kermit is not amused by her "Wiggit! Wiggit!" frog call. In another segment, he interviews John-John on pretty much the same subject, though also teaching the concepts of loud and soft.

In 1981, Kermit appeared in an installment of The Leslie Mostly Show, showing awards he's gotten as a reporter and talking about other careers he wanted before settling on a news reporter job.

Kermit has also appeared in a few sketches in his reporter attire but apparently not giving any news reports or coverage. These segments include a skit from the 1980s in which Kermit rode on an elevator operated by Count von Count, the song "Subway," and a cameo in the song "Forty Blocks From My Home."

Picture Date Description
Reporter Kermit feather cap five pigs
1972-1990 Kermit the Frog filed 89 Sesame Street News Flash reports. A yellow feather could sometimes be seen decorating his hat.
Out to Lunch-15
1974 In the TV special Out to Lunch, Kermit appeared in his reporter's coat and hat to report on Grover Knover's jump across the Grand Canyon.
Reporter Kermit Subway
1975 Newspaper under arm, Kermit laments the passage of his stop on the perpetually moving metro car in "The Subway."
This Frog trenchcoat and hat
1976 Kermit's reporter trench coat and hat rest on a coat rack as an AM frog scoffs at him for doing paperwork behind a desk at the beginning of "This Frog."
1981 Kermit is interviewed by Leslie Mostly about his job of being a television news interviewer. He demonstrates his job by interviewing himself.
1984 In a season 16 sketch, The Count takes Kermit to a building's top floor, despite the frog's wishes to stop on the seventh.
Reporter Kermit Follow That Bird
1985 Kermit appeared as a reporter in the film Follow That Bird. He gave a news report about Big Bird's planned return to Sesame Street. Although it was not specifically stated, it is probable that he was reporting for a news program other than "Sesame Street News" (evident by the fact that the newscaster mispronounced "Sesame Street" as "Se Same Street" when announcing the fact that Big Bird was planning on returning to Sesame Street).
Reporter Kermit Big Bird's Story Time
1987 Big Bird's Story Time features several News Flash segments tied together with a framing story about Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus getting ready for their nap. In new material shot to fit the narrative of the video release, Reporter Kermit appears at the end, tired from all the activity shown prior.
1988 Kermit interviews Oscar the Grouch about why he likes public television in Sesame Street, Special.
Reporter Kermit 40 Blocks
1989 Kermit makes a brief cameo crossing the street in front of a school bus with The Count in "Forty Blocks from My Home."
1989 In Sesame Street: 20 and Still Counting, Kermit sets out to ask the question of the day, "Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?"
1996 In Elmo Saves Christmas, Kermit appears in a brand-new Sesame Street News Flash with him reporting on the Christmas shopping craze, eventually leading to a man trying to purchase his microphone.
1998 When Slimey the Worm traveled in space on a mission to the moon, Kermit reported on the moon landing in Episode 3740 and the crew's return home in Episode 3785.
Reporter Kermit Elmopalooza
1998 He later appeared in Elmopalooza at Radio City Music Hall to cover a music special for Sesame Street’s 30th anniversary.
Kermit in CinderElmo
1999 In the TV special CinderElmo, Kermit appears to report at the princess's ball, wearing a more period-appropriate version of his reporter attire.
3865 Reporter Kermit
2000 Kermit wears his reporter outfit when Big Bird passes by he and Susan in the window of 123 Sesame Street as seen in the beginning of Episode 3865.
2001 Kermit's last news report on Sesame Street was when he teamed up with Al Roker to report on a hurricane that came to Sesame Street in a five-part episode arc.

The Muppet Show[]

Kermit appeared on The Muppet Show several times in reporter garb. His attire was the same as his other reporter stints, except without his illustrious fedora. Kermit brought breaking news reports to viewers from the Planet Koozebane or interviewed guest stars (in or out of character).

Picture Date Description
Reporter Kermit Valentine Show
1974 In The Muppets Valentine Show, the first of two attempts to sell The Muppet Show with a TV special, Kermit reported on the Galley-o-hoop-hoop on the Planet Koozebane. In this appearance, his trench coat had a fur collar, but otherwise it was the same.
Reporter Kermit Sex and Violence
1975 The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence features a segment in which the San Francisco Earthquake wrestles in an arena. Kermit can be seen in the audience wearing his reporter garb.
Reporter Kermit TMS107
1976 Kermit reported on the courtships of the male and female Koozebanian creatures, and in the process covered the first televised Koozebanian mating ritual, the Galley-oh-hoop-hoop in episode 107 (an event later illustrated in The Muppet Show Book).
1976 In episode 116, he covered the battle between Sir Avery of Macho and The Monster of the Moores.
1976 He was a member of the press questioning Twiggy in episode 121, as preamble to the song "In My Life."
1977 He subsequently interviewed the Koozebanian Spooble, a creature who is made entirely out of liquid, in episode 223.
1978 As a reporter, Kermit interviewed the Koozebanian Phoob in episode 205. The Phoob blends in with his environment and quickly turns into Kermit, even wearing the exact same trench coat.
Reporter Kermit TMS423
1980 In episode 423, Kermit interviewed Cecilia Sisson, former silent movie star (played by Carol Channing).

Muppet Babies[]

Picture Date Description
2021 "No Takesies Backsies" introduces a younger version of the amphibian reporter, with Baby Kermit in his professional garb.

Other Appearances[]

Picture Date Description
1977 He appeared in a brief teaser for an upcoming appearance of Jim Henson, Frank Oz, and himself (sans reporter garb) on Today with Gene Shalit.
Reporter Kermit Hip Hip Parade
1978 Kermit and Fozzie Bear overview and narrate the Thanksgiving Day parade for Hip Hip Parade!
1980 Here Come the Puppets! is hosted by Jim Henson and Kermit in his reporter garb, seen at one point in front of the White House.
1981 In The Great Muppet Caper, Kermit played the role of a crack investigative reporter for the Daily Chronicle. Accompanied by fellow journalist (and twin brother) Fozzie Bear and their photographer Gonzo, Kermit investigates the theft of Lady Holiday's valuable diamond necklace. He is seen wearing his typical TV garb of suit, trench coat and fedora, but with a bow tie replacing the necktie.
1981 On The Don Lane Show, Kermit appears in his reporter garb in a satellite interview.
1983-10-15 Wetten Dass 02
1983 Jim Henson appears on-camera with Kermit on the German game show Wetten, dass..?
Reporter Kermit Happy New Year America
1985/86 Wearing a variation on his reporter jacket over a tuxedo, Kermit swaps a black top hat out with the one he wore in Manhattan Melodies as he reports on the passage of 1985 in Happy New Year, America.
1987 Kermit the reporter appeared in a public service announcement for the National Wildlife Federation. In the spot, he presented some experts on clean air: the presidential faces of Mount Rushmore.
Reporter Kermit GMA Earth Day
1992 For Good Morning America, Kermit reports once again from the planet Koozebane for Earth Day.
1992 Kermit discusses the state of children's television in the PBS documentary On Television: Teach the Children.
Mastercard jason giambi
2002 Appearing on GMA with Yankees slugger Jason Giambi, Kermit reports on a Toys Я Us shopping spree sponsored by the Boys & Girls Club and the Muppets' "Priceless Memories" MasterCard commercial.
Reporter Kermit on Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway
2004 Kermit interviews a queuing audience for Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway.
Reporter Kermit TV Land Piggy
2006 Kermit donned his reporter trench coat to do live backstage reporting from the TV Land Awards. The backstage coverage, which was hosted by Kermit and Tom Arnold, was available online at following the show.
Reporter Kermit on Blue Peter, Zoe Salmon at Flora London Marathon 2006
2006 Reporter Kermit reported on Zöe Salmon's participation in the London Marathon for the BBC's television program Blue Peter.
Kermit ford5
2007 The companion website for a 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid ad campaign featured Reporter Kermit to complement his appearance in the television commercial.
2008 Disney Xtreme Digital featured a video of Kermit interviewing patrons of the Muppet Whatnot Workshop.
Reporter Kermit farewell Charlie Gibson
2009 When Charlie Gibson anchored his final broadcast for ABC World News in December 2009, Kermit appeared in his reporter garb in a clip reel to bid the journalist farewell.
2010 Kermit reported on "The Muppets Y Games" for The Muppets Kitchen with Cat Cora episode Game Day.
GMA-IMG-1905-JPG 153443-(2012-03-13)
GMA-IMG-1899-JPG 153443-(2012-03-13)
2012 When the Muppets returned to Good Morning America on March 13, 2012 to promote the home video release of The Muppets, Kermit reported from Central Park looking to interview a newt (Newt Gingrich) and a baseball mitt (Mitt Romney).
2012 Kermit appeared in his reporter outfit (without the fedora) when presenting the morning forecasts on Daybreak on June 11, 2012 to promote the British home video release of The Muppets.



Editor and anchor[]

Similar to his role as newspaper reporter, Kermit also served as editor for The Muppet Show Fan Club Newsletter. National newspapers announced his promotion in April of 1978 with a promotional photo of Kermit sitting at a cluttered editor's desk accompanied by Beautiful Day Monster. The spiritual successor to the newsletter, Muppet Magazine, also enjoyed editorial oversight from Kermit as its Frog-in-Chief.

In 1987, Kermit was promoted further as a news anchor for the ABC News Special Wall Street and the Economy. In 1994 he hosted Larry King Live on CNN.