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In 2007, Wolle replaced Feli Filu as Sesamstrasse's investigating reporter because the character was retired.[1]

Picture Episode Description
Folge2334-6.jpg 2334 Wolle visits a bakery, to see what a baker does.
Miroslavklose.jpg 2337 Wolle interviews Miroslav Klose about what professional soccer players do.
Folge2483-8.jpg 2339 Wolle investigates what a policeman does.
Folge2474-8.jpg 2342 Wolle talks to a pilot, to find out what a pilot does.
2350 Wolle visits Hanover Zoo, where a zookeeper shows what a meerkat eats and how much salad a hippo is fed.
Folge2488-10.jpg 2353 Wolle visits a garage to find out how an automechanic works.
Folge2489-10.jpg 2369 Wolle takes a closer look at what a bus driver does, but it proves quite difficult because you are not allowed to speak with the bus driver while he drives.
Folge2476-11.jpg 2398 Wolle visits a construction site to investigate what happens there.
Wolle-christianwulff.jpg 2399 Wolle interviews the minister president of Niedersachsen, Christian Wulff. One of the things Wolle would like to find out is what a minister president does.
Wolle-hospital.jpg 2400 Wolle visits the children's ward at a hospital to find out how a doctor works.
Wolle-fionacoors.jpg 2401 Wolle visits the set of the German mystery series "4 gegen Z", where he talks with Fiona Coors about acting.
2403 Wolle visits a plant nursery to see flowers grow.
Wolle-chimney.jpg 2404 Wolle interviews the chimney sweeper Marco to find out what he does.
Wolle-garbage.jpg 2407 Wolle interviews a garbage man to find out what he does.
Wolle-hauntedhouse.jpg 2412 Wolle visits a traveling fun fair and its haunted house attraction.
2418.jpg 2418 Wolle interviews the NDR big band conductor Wolf Kerschek about being a conductor.
Folge2467-10.jpg 2425 Wolle interviews a lifeguard about what a lifeguard does on a rescue boat. Wolle ends up in the ocean and needs to be rescued.
2461 Wolle interviews a dentist about milk teeth and brushing teeth.
2462 Wolle takes a closer look at a chocolate factory.
2463 Wolle wants to find out what happens to old cars at a scrapyard.
2464.jpg 2464 Wolle attempts to find out where letters come from.
Folge2468-11.jpg 2468 Wolle interviews Jan Hofer, the anchorman on the ARD news. While in the studio during a news broadcast, Wolle presses a red button that causes the lights to go out.
Folge2469-10.jpg 2469 Wolle visits a wholesale market, where he wants to find out what a wholesale market is.
Folge2475-12.jpg 2475 Wolle visits a farm in order to figure out what a farmer does.
Folge2477-11.jpg 2477 Wolle visits a hairdresser to find out what she does.
2478 Wolle goes to Winterberg, where he is supposed to talk with someone named Bob and that he has a kind of track, Bob's track. However, Bob seems to be quite elusive; he has three doppelgangers and when Wolle attempts to confront them, they jump in a car without wheels to try to get away. Wolle decides to follow in his car. When he finally confronts them he discovers that none of them are called Bob, but that Bob is short for bobsled.
Folge2480-11.jpg 2480 Wolle visits a circus.
Folge2484-9.jpg 2484 Wolle visits a teacher at a school, to see what you do in school.
Folge2485-10.jpg 2485 Wolle visits a shipyard to find out more about ships.
Folge2486-10.jpg 2486 Wolle visits a recording studio to find out how a record is made, where he talks with the producer Mousse T.
Folge2490-10.jpg 2490 Wolle visits a carpenter in a theater, where he learns how theater props are built.
Folge2491-10.jpg 2491 Wolle learns how to jump with a parachute.
Folge2495-10.jpg 2495 Wolle visits a hotel in Hamburg. While trying to find a toilet he gets lost and discovers various things at the hotel.
Folge2507-11.jpg 2507 Reporter Wolle visits a children's theater to find out what goes on at a theater. He oversees the rehearsal for the play "Mio, my Mio" based on the book by Astrid Lindgren.
Folge2510-9.jpg 2510 Reporter Wolle reports from a natural science museum, where he wants to look at dinosaurs.
Folge2672-6.jpg 2672 For the 40th anniversary of Sesamstrasse, Reporter Wolle visits the NDR offices (or rather, sneaks past the security guard) and meets some of the production crew, hoping to get to interview Lutz Marmor, the head of the station.


  1. ↑ E-mail correspondence between H. Rytter and Constanze Schmidt