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Performances by Frank Oz on Sesame Street since he transitioned his characters to other performers.

See also: Why doesn't Frank Oz perform with the Muppets anymore?


Performances by Frank Oz as Bert since 1999, when Eric Jacobson started performing the character.

Cookie Monster

Performances by Frank Oz as Cookie Monster since 2001, when David Rudman started performing the character.


Performances by Frank Oz as Grover since 1999, when Eric Jacobson started performing the character.

Other characters

Performances by Frank Oz as other characters since 1997.


  • In one Letter of the Day segment from 2002, Frank Oz performed Cookie Monster in the first part of the segment; in the second part, Oz performed Grover opposite David Rudman as Cookie Monster. This is not only a rare instance of a character switching performers within the same segment, but also a rare instance of Oz performing one of his characters (Grover) alongside another one of his characters' recasts (Rudman as Cookie Monster).
  • Outside of Sesame Street, Frank Oz stopped performing his classic Muppet Show characters (such as Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Animal, and Sam the Eagle) in the early 2000s. The only known instance of a speaking performance by Oz after his characters had been recast to another performer was a January 2002 appearance of Miss Piggy on NBC's Today (Eric Jacobson had debuted in the role in a Virgin Atlantic commercial a year earlier). This is also the last known vocal performance by Oz as any of his Muppet Show characters.