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DEBUT 2004

Ricardo is Rosita's father. While Rosita has been a major character on Sesame Street since 1991, her father made his first on-screen appearance in a 2004 Spanish Word of the Day sketch about the word "familia" (performed here by David Rudman).

In 2008, he took on a much more prominent role in the outreach video Talk, Listen, Connect: Changes, performed now by Tyler Bunch. In the video, Rosita's father is revealed to be a member of the military who was deployed far away. When he returns home in a wheelchair, Rosita has a hard time coping with the change. He is friends with Elmo's dad Louie, a fellow Sesame Street servicemonster.

He has since appeared in Coming Home, Episode 4724, and several resource videos for Sesame Street in Communities.

From Associated Press Report:

β€œIn the new production, Rosita, a fluffy blue mop-headed muppet, is upset because her father has returned home in a wheelchair. Rosita angrily refers to the wheelchair as "that thing" and reminisces about the days when she could dance to salsa music and kick a ball with her dad.

With encouragement from Elmo, Rosita musters the nerve to talk with her parents about how she is feeling.

"Sometimes I feel a little sad, because things are so different now," Rosita says during a family outing to the park. "I wish your legs were OK, Papi, and I wish you didn't have to go to the doctor so much. And I just wish things could go back to the way they were!"

Rosita's father tells her that although he may have changed, his love for her hasn't. And he persuades her to hop on the back of his wheelchair so the two can try a new kind of dancing.”

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