Rico Blanco Talks About "Sesame Street Kid Ako" (08 06 11)

Rico Blanco Talks About "Sesame Street Kid Ako" (08 06 11)

Filipino singer Rico Blanco collaborated with Sesame Workshop for the early childhood education campaign "Sesame Street Kid Ako" ("I am a Sesame Street Kid").

A solo performer, he has had more local and regional number one hits in the Philippines than any other musician since 1994.

Blanco was quoted saying:

I feel blessed to be given this chance to help. We’d watch the program everyday and would never miss an episode. We loved the characters, the skits, the art, the music! We would always sing (and sometimes dance!) along to the songs. In fact, along with The Beatles, I’ve always credited Sesame Street as one of my biggest early musical influences, shaping my taste in music as a kid, and the kind of music I would later gravitate to as a grown-up.

Two "classic Sesame Street songs" will be turned into rock songs by Blanco, for performance in a mall tour.