Ridder tommie
Music by Henny Vrienten
Lyrics by Mies Koppen
Date 2007

"Ridder Tommie (Knight Tommie)" is a Sesamstraat song sung by Tommie, Pino and Ieniemienie. Tommie is pretending to be a knight, with Pino as his faithful helper. Ieniemienie is the princess who is held prisoner in a creepy castle. The brave Sir Tommie and his helper set off through a sandy desert to rescue her, but the path is so difficult that they need to interrupt their mission for a picnic. The angry princess decides to rescue herself: "When Tommie arrives, I'll introduce him to my shoe!" Sir Tommie doesn't mind. At least he doesn't have to marry her anymore.

Three different video clips were taped for this song through the course of the series, including one on location at a real castle.