Written by Richard Wagner
Date 1870
Source Die Walküre (opera)
Publisher public domain
Ride of the Valkyries Piggy

Miss Piggy in the sterotypical Brünnhilde costume.


1980 Milton Bradley puzzle

Milton bradley puzzle 1980 muppet auditions

1980 Milton Bradley puzzle

"Ride of the Valkyries" is a song by Richard Wagner from his opera Die Walküre. Although it was originally written with lyrics, the song has been used as an instrumental in popular culture, and is often associated with Brünnhilde, and her sterotypical opera costume.

Musical references

  • Another instrumental version is used for a film segment in Happy Healthy Monsters showing athletes performing a number of feats.

Visual references

  • A 1980 Milton Bradley puzzle depicts Miss Piggy performing as a Valkyrie spoofing a scene from the opera.
  • Another one from the line shows her in the same costume, backstage.
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