Written by Jeff Moss
Date 1984
Source The Muppets Take Manhattan
Publisher Jim Henson Productions Inc.

"Right Where I Belong" from The Muppets Take Manhattan, is the opening number from Manhattan Melodies, the film's musical-within-a-musical. It is not performed until the end of the movie, however, though many earlier scenes feature Kermit getting interrupted when he's about to sing it.

Kermit sings "Right Where I Belong" after he has been karate chopped by Miss Piggy, who he insulted with pig jokes while still suffering from amnesia and thinking that he was Phillip Phil.

When he wakes up, Kermit finally remembers his true identity but is surprised to discover that he is backstage on the opening night of his musical Manhattan Melodies. Although he at first insists that show is still missing something and not ready for Broadway, when he sees the myriad Muppets that Fozzie, Gonzo, Scooter, Rowlf, and The Electric Mayhem have brought back to New York City, he realizes that what Manhattan Melodies has been missing all along was "more dogs and bears and chickens and things."

As Kermit's memory comes back to him, he begins to sing "Right Where I Belong" and is joined by the entire cast as he works his way onstage, where the song turns into the opening number of Manhattan Melodies.

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