Robbie Barnett on You Rang, M'Lord?

Robbie Barnett, also credited as Robert Barnett, is an actor and puppeteer with a background as a stiltwalker and clown. His talents were the inspiration for the Landstriders in The Dark Crystal, which he performed along with Hugh Spight and Swee Lim. He also performed the Mystic Numerologist, and along with Toby Philpott, assisted on Jim Henson's characters.[1] At a 2004 Brooklyn Academy of Music screening of The Dark Crystal, Barnett appeared to discuss the film.

Barnett served as an additional puppeteer on several Muppet features as well, and was a wheeler in Return to Oz (which featured several Creature Shop alumni). As an on-camera actor, his credits include the 1983 film Yentl (with Mandy Patinkin) and a minor recurring guest role on the 1990s British sitcom You Rang, M'Lord? as Robin, the bishop's chaplain.



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