clockwise from bottom: Kermit the Frog, Robert Kraft, John Boylan and Don Henley.

Robert Kraft is a music producer and composer who has been involved in multiple Muppet projects, beginning with The Muppet Christmas Carol. He was credited in the film as executive music producer and oversaw the soundtrack and story albums. This was followed by producing the 1993 album Ol' Brown Ears is Back. He and John Boylan produced the 1994 album Kermit Unpigged and co-wrote the song "Can't Get Along Without You", performed by Kermit and Robin the Frog.

Early in his career, Kraft released his own albums as a piano player. He worked frequently with Bruce Willis, producing his music albums and serving as executive producer on the film Hudson Hawk (which he also contributed story material for and scored). He produced songs for Disney projects like The Little Mermaid and the theme for TaleSpin. He scored the film The Mambo Kings (earning an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song), wrote the theme music for the sitcom Who's the Boss?, and has been executive music producer on several films including Slumdog Millionaire.


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