PERFORMER Tyler Coppin
DEBUT 2003

Robert Shelmacher is the former sheriff of Orlando, Florida on Farscape. In 1985, as shown in "Kansas," Sheriff Schelmacher was the local lawman in Crichton's neighborhood, and according to DVD notes, was a friend of the family. Alerted by neighbor Dot Levy to strange visitors, the sheriff investigates, only to encounter Rygel, Aeryn (who reminds him of Cher), Noranti, and D'Argo. Noranti admits to him that they're aliens and the group departs before she has a chance to erase his memory. Thus, Sheriff Schelmacher soon finds himself under observation in a mental institute.

Years later, in "A Constellation of Doubt," Schelmacher appears on Alien Visitation to describe his experiences. The former sheriff has spent most of his time institutionalized, and has drawn his own paranoid conclusions about the Moya crew. He believes that they implanted microchips in people's brains, which must be blocked with a tinfoil lined baeball cap, and that part of their plot to weaken the human race is a high fat diet.

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