PERFORMER Russi Taylor
DEBUT 1984
Baby robin cel

A tadpole Robin was the Muppet Babies version of Robin the Frog. He was largely confined to his bowl and could not communicate his thoughts to the other Muppet Babies, except for Baby Animal.

He first appeared in the first season episode "Close Encounters of the Frog Kind." Baby Kermit discovers he's an uncle because his "big sister" had babies. Robin wonders if he'll look like the "big frog" Kermit when he grows up.

Robin appeared again in the fourth season episode "Adventures in Muppet-Sitting."

Robin, like Baby Animal, only speaks in baby babbles, but for one brief scene in "Close Encounters of the Frog Kind," his mouth movements sync up to one of his thoughts.

Robin appeared in two Colorforms playsets in 1985, the Muppet Babies Colorforms 3-D Play Set and the Muppet Babies Rub n' Play Transfer Set.

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