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Zoe and Elmo at Rocco's wedding, in a 2014 episode.

Rocco is Zoe's pet rock, introduced in Season 30 of Sesame Street.

Though he's inanimate, in Zoe's mind, Rocco can do anything. The rock has historically been the cause of much annoyance to Elmo, who often gets flustered and constantly reminds Zoe "Rocco's just a rock!" While Elmo is driven crazy by Rocco's (and Zoe's) antics, the other characters are usually unfazed and willing to play along with Zoe's pretending. In Episode 4235, Elmo accidentally loses Rocco and comes to realize how special he is to Zoe (much like Elmo's Baby David).

Virgil von Vivaldi informs Zoe that Rocco is basalt in Episode 4234, having observed all his Swiss cheese-like holes, meaning he came from a volcano. Rocco's friends and family appear in Episode 4126, including Rocky, Rockmaninov, Uncle Rock, Aunt Rock, and Little Rock; it is unknown if he has other family members.

Rocco appeared in Sesame Street Live production "Super Grover! Ready for Action". Zoe mentioned Rocco in a 2009 appearance on Today.


Book Appearances

  • My First Pet
  • Sesame Street Glitter Tattoos: Zoe's Favorite Things


  • The Sesame Park episode "Rocky and His Friends" introduced a Canadian equivalent of Rocco.

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