Rocco's wedding

Zoe and Elmo at Rocco's wedding, in a 2014 episode.

Rocco is Zoe's pet rock. It was introduced in Season 30 of Sesame Street. Elmo doesn't understand why Zoe lugs a rock around, and sometimes feels jealous of Rocco, which usually leads to snarky comments. A lot of times Elmo feels that Zoe is always getting her way with a rock. For example, if Elmo wants to say the alphabet with Zoe, Zoe says to Elmo, "Elmo, Rocco doesn't want to say the alphabet, he wants to go to the park" where Elmo knows that it's Zoe who doesn't want to say the alphabet which makes Elmo very angry with Zoe's behavior. Zoe loves Rocco a whole lot, as is indicated in a 2010 episode.

Rocky, Rockmoninov, Uncle Rock, Aunt Rock, and Little Rock make cameos in a 2006 episode; it is unknown if he has other family members.

Rocco appeared in Sesame Street Live production "Super Grover! Ready for Action". Zoe mentioned Rocco in a 2009 appearance on Today.

The Sesame Park episode "Rocky and His Friends" introduced a Canadian equivalent of Rocco.


Book Appearances

  • My First Pet
  • Sesame Street Glitter Stickers Zoe's Favorite Things

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