In the late 1990s, Mattel released a series of musical plush which featured characters from Sesame Street. The battery-operated plush "sang", "played" an instrument (usually guitar) and vibrated or shook.

Avon-exclusive Rock & Roll Elmo (1997)

The first version of Rock & Roll Elmo was produced by Tyco in 1997 and was only available at Avon. He is dressed in a black jacket, a white T-shirt, and gray jeans and sings four songs.

12-inch plush (1999)

Two 12-inch "Rock & Roll" plush, (initially) manufactured by Tyco and marketed under the Fisher-Price label, were released for the mass market in 1999.

Elmo is dressed in blue jeans, a white T-shirt, and a black jacket. His shoes say "Rock" and "Roll" on the bottoms. He sings "Shake, Rattle and Roll" and "ABC, Easy as 123".

Ernie is dressed in a black jacket over his trademark striped shirt and jeans. He wears dark sunglasses and his shoes say "Rock" and "Roll" on the bottoms. He sings "Rock Around the Clock" and "Splish Splash". Known international versions of this doll exist for both German and Spanish languages.

A TV commercial for both plush was produced, featuring Zoe and Rosita and also advertising Elmo's Rock & Roll Guitar.

"Mini" plush (2000)

Three additional plush were released circa late 1999-early 2000. Big Bird is 9 inches tall, and wears a black leather jacket with a white tshirt and jeans. He holds a red and white "BB" guitar. Grover is 8 inches tall, wears a white and black shirt, and holds a saxophone. Zoe is 10 inches tall. She wears a black leather jacket over a pink shirt, and holds a pink star-shaped guitar.

Unlike Elmo and Ernie, these toys play instrumental "rock" music, and insert occasional phrases such as "Oh yeah!".

Rock & Roll Ernie (2000 version)

Another version of Ernie, this time wearing a silver jacket, was released in 2000 by Fisher-Price. He sings "La Bamba" and "Dancing in the Streets".

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