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Rock Music (with the Muppets) was released by Playhouse Video in 1985, as part of a series of compilations featuring songs and sketches from The Muppet Show.

Muppet Show guest star appearances include Debbie Harry, Linda Ronstadt, Paul Simon, Loretta Swit, Leo Sayer, Alice Cooper, Helen Reddy and Ben Vereen.



  • On the walls of the recording studio has loads of photos of Muppet Show guest stars. The walls also have two photos of Muppet Performers: Frank Oz and Richard Hunt.
  • A number of clips begin with Dr. Teeth providing voice-over introductions.
  • Instrumental versions of "Tenderly" and "Sunny" are heard during the framing scenes.
Picture Segment Description
FRAME Dr. Teeth introduces a special show full of rock music from The Muppet Show. Beaker, his "incompetent engineer," works in the control room and accidentally sets off an explosion. Dr. Teeth brings on the first song by Debbie Harry.
Song "Call Me" with Debbie Harry
(Episode 509: Debbie Harry)
FRAME Dr. Teeth watches as the previous song slides out and the next one slides in, featuring Linda Ronstadt.
Song "It's in His Kiss" with Linda Ronstadt and Janice
(Episode 523: Linda Ronstadt)
FRAME After the blast from the past, Beaker causes a blast in the present. He tries to explain himself, but Dr. Teeth reminds him - don't blame the dynamite.
Song "Don't Blame the Dynamite" with Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem
(Episode 211: Dom DeLuise)
Song "Rock Around the Clock" with the rats
(Episode 405: Victor Borge)
FRAME Beaker begins to clean off the explosion-stained window, despite his claims that he doesn't do windows. Dr. Teeth gets shaking and quaking in anticipation for the next video, starring Alice Cooper.
Song "Welcome to My Nightmare" with Alice Cooper and the Vile Bunch
(Episode 307: Alice Cooper)
FRAME Dr. Teeth now introduces Ben Vereen, though Beaker thinks he's referring to him instead.
Song "Jump Shout Boogie" with Ben Vereen
(Episode 117: Ben Vereen)
Song "Workin' at the Car Wash Blues" with Gonzo
(Episode 507: Glenda Jackson)
Sketch Animal's drum solo
(Episode 211: Dom DeLuise)
FRAME Beaker, carrying a stack of clips, assures Dr. Teeth he's got their next song by Helen Reddy all queued up. Helen herself calls in to the show and wants to speak to Beaker. Beaker instead trips over himself, burring him in reels.
Song "Blue" with Helen Reddy
(Episode 313: Helen Reddy)
Sketch Musician Joke: Can You Tell Me How to Get to Carnegie Hall?
(Episode 413: Dizzy Gillespie)
FRAME Dr. Teeth remarks that was a mouth full, when Beaker emerges from the floor, covered with tape. He's unable to speak with a mouth full of tape, visually adding to Dr. Teeth's quip. Beaker groans when Dr. Teeth tells Beaker he's always there when he needs him, segueing to the next song by Leo Sayer.
Song "When I Need You" with Leo Sayer
(Episode 302: Leo Sayer)
Sketch Musician Joke: Do you know there's an old lady sleeping up here?
(Episode 413: Dizzy Gillespie)
FRAME Following one of the world's oldest jokes, Dr. Teeth brings on one of the world's oldest rock groups - Geri and the Atrics!
Song "Who Put the Bomp in the Bomp Bomp Bomp" with Geri and the Atrics
The opening verse is cut.
(Episode 517: Hal Linden)
Sketch Musician Joke: Crosstown Busses Run All Night?
(Episode 413: Dizzy Gillespie)
FRAME Beaker inadvertently sets off another explosion. He swears he won't do it again, then immediately causes another one.
Song "One Way or Another" with Debbie Harry
(Episode 509: Debbie Harry)
Sketch Musician Joke: B-Flat
(Episode 413: Dizzy Gillespie)
Song "You're No Good"
(Episode 420: Alan Arkin)
Song Animal sings Gershwin's "Foggy Day"
(Episode 209: Madeline Kahn)
Some extra booing by Jim Henson is added.
FRAME Dr. Teeth sets up another song by Leo Sayer.
Song "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" with Leo Sayer and Fletcher Bird
(Episode 302: Leo Sayer)
Song "Wild Thing" with Animal
(Episode 222: Teresa Brewer)
Backstage Dressing Room: Leo Sayer meets Animal
(Episode 302: Leo Sayer)
FRAME Dr. Teeth dedicates the last to clip to those wonder why Animal is named such. He segues into their next song, featuring a famous star. Beaker again assumes it's himself and begins singing "Feelings," until Dr. Teeth clarifies that it's Loretta Swit.
502 thog
Song "I Feel the Earth Move" with Loretta Swit and Thog
(Episode 502: Loretta Swit)
Song "Mr. Bassman" with Floyd Pepper and Scooter
(Episode 124: Mummenschanz)
FRAME Dr. Teeth asks Beaker what's next. He replies with a long string of "meeping," as Dr. Teeth remarks, "There goes ol' Beaker - yakety yak."
513 yakety yak 1
Song "Yakety Yak"
(Episode 513: Tony Randall)
Song "Disco Frog" with Kermit the Frog
(Episode 418: Christopher Reeve)
FRAME While Beaker "cleans up his act," Dr. Teeth introduces a hit by Paul Simon.
Song "Loves Me Like a Rock" with Paul Simon and the Electric Mayhem
(Episode 511: Paul Simon)
Song "Rockin' Robin" with Janice
(Episode 510: Jean-Pierre Rampal)
FRAME Beaker assumes the role of VJ, attempting to sing his song again. Dr. Teeth catches him and sends him back to the control room.
Song "School's Out" with Alice Cooper, the Vile Bunch, and some full-bodied Muppet Monsters
(Episode 307: Alice Cooper)
FRAME Dr. Teeth signs off, while Beaker sets off more and more explosions as the credits roll.
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