Songs from Muppet Babies
Released 1985
Format LP
Label Parker Brothers Music
Cat no. 7270

Rocket to the Stars is the first soundtrack album from Muppet Babies, released in 1985. It features the theme from the show, as well as songs from the first season.

When the album was re-released on CD by Jim Henson Records in 1993, it was retitled Rock It to the Stars.

Track listing

Side One

  1. The Muppet Babies Theme
  2. Merry-Go-Round (from "Fun Park Fantasies")
  3. Sleep Rockin' (from "Noisy Neighbors")
  4. Dream for Your Inspiration (from "Scooter's Hidden Talent")
  5. Good Things Happen in the Dark (from "Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Dark?")

Side Two

  1. Camilla (from "The Case of the Missing Chicken")
  2. Rocket to the Stars (from "From a Galaxy Far, Far Away...")
  3. Practice Makes Perfect (from "Close Encounters of the Frog Kind")
  4. It's Up to You (from "What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?")
  5. I Can't Help Being a Star (from "Gonzo's Video Show")
  6. The Muppet Babies Theme (Reprise)

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